Sebastian Burrasca is a character created by Fabio Lucignano in 2010, born and raised as
a street performer in the most beautiful squares of Italy. Over the last years, he has also 
performed at several street artists festivals such as
Veregra street,Vademecum of Monterotondo,Clown&Clown of Monte san Giusto,Santa Sofia Buskers Festival,SMIAF of San Marino,Faenza Buskers,Senigart,Super clown festval,in the ÒoffÓ cathegory at "FiraTarrega",Modena Buskers Festival  

and in various events such as theatrical review and streetfood festivals, without 
ceasing to bring laughter as a hat-maker in the Italian tourist regions (Tuscany, Sicily, 
Apulia, Marche, Calabria, Abruzzo, Veneto, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Lombardy). This 
year was also the first ranked in the ClownFactor competition that brought him to the 
"Takimiri" prize winner during the International Festival of Street Art and clowns at Monte 
San Just, Clown & Clown. In 2014, he founded the COLLETTIVOCLOWN with 
duo Meroni Zamboni, with which organizes festivals of clownerie, events and Cabaret. 
In 2015 was also born the duo with Andrea Mineo with the Funky Magic Show.
This year he start to work on the new production of colllettivoclown, "Baloon",with Andrea Meroni,for the "China tour 2019".He is also the conductor of the laboratory "The Art of Clown", a research course of clownerie and comic technics.His artistic baggage includes juggling, balloons sculpture, clown art (started in 2007 with the 
association of VIP clown therapy) with an original comedy tending to the "no sense".
His research continues every years,following teachers and leading individual and collective directions.