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Hanging with heels 12?

Danger and elegance united in one action. Features also present 
in every circus discipline. And here comes into play clown Sebastian Burrasca who, 
among his gags, shows the difficulty of a daily exercise for all the female genre. Will men 
also be able to perform this athletic act so loved by the other category? We are catapulted 
in the most fashionable catwalks in Milan.

A speechless interaction show, featuring various street theater techniques including 
balance, fast juggling, balloon sculptures. Each scatch follows the leading line from the title
of the show: the shoes.
Suitable for an audience from 0 to 99 years!

Data sheet:
-lasting about 30min 50max minutes
-scenic space 5m x 5m minimum
-installation: 20 min
-disassembly: 20 min
-perfect in the square, adaptable to the room
-Current 220v is welcome 
-A lot of audience